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(This isn't the right picture) Anniversaries (1987)
Vikram stepped into the classroom with a turban on and announced that he was celebrating the annual festival of "Reeshneepeeshnee". He had to use his teacher to celebrate and annointed him with the sacred ashes of wisdom. He then placed upon his teacher's head the dung of a sacred cow.
                     e-mail from Hambrook
Books And Reading (1987)
Matthew and Vikram are eating at Barth's and Matthew asks Vikram: "I wonder who Barth thinks is going to buy his cookbook". Vikram says: "Maybe people want a cheap way to feed their dogs". Matthew returns with: "Vik, more like people want a cheap way to KILL their dogs". And then Barth makes Matthew eat dog food.
                    e-mail from Hambrook
(This isn't the right picture) Body Parts (1984)
Lisa runs into the doctor's office and says that she's "different from everybody else" and that she "doesn't have the same parts as every one else".
The doctor asks when it was first noticed, and she says when she was changing. The doctor gave a note to her english teacher that said Lisa had to learn to read since she was going into the boy's locker room.
                        e-mail from Will
(This isn't the right picture) Cooking Episode (198?)
My favourite skit comes from the cooking episode. Christine had just baked a batch of muffins and offers them to Aladstair. She asks him if he's going to eat them and he said "no I ran out of bricks when I was building a wall and these are perfect!"
                          L. Keenan
(This isn't the right picture) Fairy Tales Episode (198?)
Another one of my favourites comes from the Fairy Tales episode. Mrs Prevert is complaining about how she's always cooking, cleaning and changing diapers; then she makes the fatal error of asking Aladstair to "change his brother!" Well, he "changes" his brother alright......Aladstair "changed" his brother into a frog! Mrs Prevert then asks Aladstair what he's done and Aladstair says "well, I just saved you a whole lot of work!" Then the frog burps.
                        L. Keenan
Revenge Episode (1985)
To introduce the show's topic Lisa, Christine and Alasdair are all sitting down on the link set, and the two girls are really mad at each other ...
                          Thanks to Allison
SMELLS (1986)
Amyas is saying his prayers and Matthew is in the bed right next to him. Amyas is saying "... God please help me to stop smelling Matthew. He smells terrible." And when God speaks, Amyas says "Oh, Hi."
What I liked about this was that Amyas didn't seem to be surprised that God was talking to him.
                          e-mail from Mike
THE WORLD (1987)
This happend in the studio, when Christine and Alasdair were doing their first script in a foreign language. Christine said somethingand then Alasdair said "OOSH OOSH PING-O-DING" and then the water spills on him. Alasdair asks what "OOSH OOSH PING-O-DING" means and he gets the water again. Christine says "guess!!"
                          e-mail from Mike
(This isn't the right picture) PARTY (198?)
... on the opposite sketches they are sitting in a fancy Barth's Burgers drinking a great milkshake called Water De Toilet! What is weird is that Barth says water and doesn't get slimed.
           e-mail from AMWBEATLE
when Adam is storming in to the living room of the Prevort family and playing his famous guitar solo
the "You Answer Any Question" skit, when Matthew answers senseless questions from Mr. Prevort and get the money
the "Everything Is Just 1 $ Today" skit,
when Kevin is getting the key to the Corvett from Barth fore just 1 $

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