Future Projects

1999    Our Favorite Skits  (realized 05/99)
1999    The YCDTOTV Guestbook  (realized 07/99)
1999    YCDTOTV Small Ads & Announcements  (realized 07/99)
1999    massiv enhanced Picture Gallery  (realized 09/99)

From Nov. 1999 to Nov. 2000 Time Out. I worked on a very large HTML-Project "Product Information System" with over 120 000 pages on 2.5 GB memory
and over 10 000 updates per week automaticly from 3 different systems (with links between related pages and selection by input of a product name).
2000    The 1999 Interview with Justin Cammy  by A. M. FitzGerald  (realized 11/99)
200x    Episodes and Pictures Service (EPS)

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